Mauer Front
Mauer rear
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mauer model
Z:2005 MauerCADplan Model (1)
Z:2005 MauerCADplan Model (1)

Haus Mauer    Vienna    2006

Several generations of the Misch family had lived in this 18th century house
on the outskirts of Vienna before Uta and Peter decided to upgrade the old
building. In order to preserve the street frontage and integrity of the historic
2 storey house, it was decided to construct a small single storey addition
on the rear and link via a glazed corridor across to a new pavilion set
discretely to the rear. A continuous inverted gable roof unites the elements.
This configuration exploits the enormous Elysian garden behind and forms
a barrier against traffic noise. The old stone-flagged garden terrace is
retained. Vertical larch battens were chosen for cladding as a reference to
Austria’s natural wealth of timber. The cobbled front yard, filled by a beautiful
walnut tree, remains untouched.

Existing street frontage with Tyrolean timber shingling.
The small kiosk on the right sold produce.

Existing house from the rear in winter before work began.

Textures of the old house and garden.

The new pavilion recedes behind the old house.

The old kiosk on the street frontage was preserved.

Glazed link to pavilion can be opened both sides, dissolving the connection to the old house.

Kids love the link space.

The two new volumes take opposing sides of the inverted gable roof.

WIndows dissolve the corner into the garden.

To provide secure night ventilation in Vienna's baking summer heat timber battens extend over the bedroom's opening window.

The fine kachelofen (ceramic heating stove) from the old house was moved
to the new living room and converted to electricity.

Design model exploring the relationship to the existing house.

Design sketch of dining space.