Guest house    Te Kuiti    2006

Collaboration with Sills van Bohemen Architects.

The clients' farm lies across the highest hills in the area. Tired of pitching
tents for visiting family and friends, they decided to build a small structure
comfortably detached from the main house, below the existing pool. The
pool area was fully refurbished and a plane of decking was folded up and
over to form the roof of the new building. The dark roof was utilised as a
reflector for the pool's new solar water-heating system. Inside the building
is divided into 4 bays with adult and childrens' rooms at opposite ends.
There is no circulation or wasted space. Inside the house feels like a
single connected space although bedrooms are easily made private.
An exposed concrete slab grounds the building and collects solar energy.
The rest is an enveloping shell of wood; radiata plywood inside and
stained cedar outside.

Photos: Sam Hartnett

The new building sometimes shares the house paddock with stock.

Before construction, the existing pool area was in a poor state.

The full-width sheltering eave encloses the long deck.

The front of the living space can be slid back to take in the horizon toward
Mt Pirongia. Pitching low, the roof line outside compresses the view and
fends off the sun.

The compact galley kitchen links

The pool surround folds up and transforms into the roof.

The concrete floor was honed and lacquered.